Software and Hardware factory

The implementation of IoT solutions enables central monitoring, management of deployed devices, decision making and actions based on real-time data capture.

Integration of IoT devices in the cloud (cloud computing) and from edge computing systems.
Data analysis using neural networks.
Dashboards, sampling and data transmission (telemetry) with real-time representation.
Prevention and early detection of failures.
Transmission via: LoRa, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS, GSM 2/3/4/5G, NarrowBand, radio links, fiber optics, two-way radios and satellite.
Developments for "Smart Cities".
Implementation of cloud computing infrastructure for data management (full cycle, from planning and design to operations).
IoT for industrial use (IIoT)
Data collected from multiple points,
Routing through cellular IoT devices,
Automated control and operations (RPA) and/or with user intervention,
Activation of remediation processes,
Customized alarms, escalation, decision making.
Development of analog and digital devices.
Embedded software development for custom hardware architectures.
Design of schematic diagrams and multilayer printed circuits.
Electromagnetic Compatibility, CE, FCC.
Documentation and Manufacturing Management.
Prototype manufacturing.
Integration of data capture devices.
Device drivers.
Embedded Linux Device Drivers.
Communication and operation protocols: MQTT, CoAP, Web Sockets, TCP, HTTP, ModBus, CAN, RFID.
IoT Greengrass, IoT Core, IoT Device Defender, IoT Device Management, IoT SiteWise, IoT Events, IoT Analytic.
Deep Learning: TensorFlow.

We support blockchain technologies for those projects that require security, decentralization, synchronization, distribution of digital operations and without the need of third party intermediation.

All of which enables traceability of critical processes and assets, tokenization and decentralized automation.